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During the run up to the war in Iraq a group of prominent leaders in economics openly questioned the Bush administration’s policy in the middle east. Recognizing that they spoke more convincingly as a group rather than as individuals these scholars founded ECAAR to advocate for world peace and reductions in the world’s arsenals.

Since then we’ve seen no reason to curtail our operations. If anything, voices urging peace and arms reduction are more urgently needed now, and so our work continues. Today ECAAR provides research into how arms reduction impacts the global economy. Fearing the instability stemming from continued hostilities in the middle east, ECAAR projects continued economic hardship in the United States as a result.

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ECAAR Reverts Back to EPR But Maintains Mission

ECAAR, properly known as Economists Allied for Arms Reduction, has gone with this name for a few years. However, they originally started as EPS, Economists for Peace and Security. The mission for the group remains the exact same which is to help secure peace and security for nations around the world. As the ECAAR name suggests, however, the way this group of prominent leading economists propose to reach that goal of security and peace is through the reduction of arms, which includes police and military.

For some time, the use of arms to solve international problems has been steadily increasing. EPS was formed when the Bush administration began working toward the war in Iraq. Several prominent economists spoke out about the reduction of arms and questioned the policy that drove the US to war. Rather than remain independent voices, the economists formed EPS to provide people with research on how arms reduction ultimately affects the global economy. Everything from steel buildings to stock trading can actually be positively affected by the reduction.

Although it seems a stretch to put a steel building manufacturer and arms reduction in the same category, it remains a fact that everything creates a reaction. Something as big as the reduction of arms will then have a positive effect on economies across the globe. Through research guided by the economists of EPS, and through the dissemination of that research, the group hopes to promote their mission of peace.

ECAAR Ideas to Change the World

Long ago, the arms race took off like a global new business in which every nation took part or at least attempted to. War, something that was at one time seen as a necessary evil to solve issues difficult to resolve using other tactics, has in the last couple of decades become the norm around the world. What's worse is that the use of arms in war rather than a number of other policies or tactics that could help make change has increased. When the Bush administration chose to go to war in Iraq, prominent economic leaders began to speak up. Noticing that the voices were stronger as one rather than as individuals, ECAAR was created.

The goal of ECAAR is to reduce the world's arsenal and to promote global peace. The increase in use of arms throughout the world has led to numerous deadly and unneeded operations. In addition to speaking in venues across the world, creating documents backed by research, and using reason rather than violence, an organization like ECAAR needs an Internet marketing company. The fact is that the Internet is fast becoming the source of information for millions. With an Internet marketing company, the ECAAR website and its affiliates can ensure reaching a far bigger audience.

Expanding its reach would mean the message being touted by prominent economists at ECAAR could be heard or read by more people and hopefully make a change in policies that affect everyone.


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April 9, 2011

As of 2007, ECAAR changed its name to Economists for Peace and Security, EPS. Since we reverted to our original name. But our mission remains unchanged: to promote and disseminate research on global security issues. We propose arms reduction as a way of attaining world peace and security.